Coffee Cup Gift Card Holder Tutorial

I know I say this alot but… I am SO excited about this post!

If you’ve been following my blog you know I’m crazy about Doodlebug Designs. I love creating with bright colours and clean lines.

Recently in the Lori Whitlock shop she released the new Cream & Sugar collection SVG’s. I  purchased the adorable coffee cup duo. I knew right away these would be transformed into gift card holders.

Take a look:


This is going to be a very picture heavy tutorial so get ready!

See the caption below the photo for the instructions:

Purchase and upload the file into Cricut Design Space. We’ll only be working with one cup, so eliminate the one you won’t be using. I did not resize the image.
Cut all the pieces out on your paper of choice. Cut out 2 of the main cup image (the pink & teal) instead of just the one.
Adhere the black paper behind the white cup with the face.
Adhere the heart and arms to the coffee cup sleeve
Adhere the above 2 pieces to eachother, the brown on top of the white.
Choose the piece that will be your gift card insert. This one will be the main colour on the top of the cup. Place the top of the gift card approx. 1 inch from the top of the cup.
Fold the bottom of the cup up to the gift card. Use a bone folder to ensure a crisp fold. Trim the edges at the top of the cup as shown.
Place the gift card insert, still folded up, on top of the second cup base. apply adhesive as shown. Do not apply adhesive to the top portion of the cup, or anywhere under the gift card holder.
Remove the gift card insert and place the previously assembled cup on to the adhesive and press firmly. Allow it to dry if using liquid adhesive.
Apply more adhesive the the edges of the tabs as shown.
Place your sentiment strip over the adhesive and allow to dry.
Once all your adhesive is dry, place your gift card insert in and slide it down into the cup.
There you have it!

A video:


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