3D Valentines Mailbox

Hello crafters!

I set out to find a cute 3D mailbox for Valentines Day and came across this adorable one in Cricut Design Space:

Cricut example

Lucky for me, it’s included in the subscription! Yay! After doing a practice one using some old papers from my stash, I was ready to try one for real.

I cut out all the pieces on my Cricut and scored along all the lines.


This mailbox is actually 2 seperate pieces. The actual mail box, and the compartment underneath to hold your notes/treats.

I used the 4 similar light pink pieces and the square b/w one to create the compartment.


This is the “door” of the mailbox.


These are the top, front and back pieces:


The final product:







The compartment that I made first, fits right up under the bottom of the mailbox. It fits pretty snug so it doesn’t fall out.

I wouldn’t put anything too heavy in it though without securing the bottom somehow.

*My tip for you if you’re thinking of creating this mailbox, is to add as many decorations as you can BEFORE you assemble it. It’s much easier to adhere things to it while the pieces are laying flat.*

I’m thinking about doing a how-to video for assembling this mailbox. If that would be something you’d be interested in seeing please let me know below!

Thanks for looking!



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