Lori Whitlock 3D Oven

Hello everyone!

Valentine’s day is right around the corner! So for us crafters that means we need to get into full Valentines crafting mode.

I set out to create something 3D, and Lori Whitlock is the best when it comes to 3D SVG files!

I was browsing the 3D projects when I came across this:


How adorable is this! …..and it holds a cookie! Doesn’t get much better than that!

I purchased it and picked out some pink papers to create it. It’s cute in the colours suggested here but this was a Valentines craft so pink it was!

I uploaded the cut file into Cricut Design Space and cut out the pieces.


I use Craft Smith paper pads (you know the Hot Buy ones at Michaels?) they are a dream to cut with the Cricut!

Lori’s files are always so easy to put together. I simply followed the fold tabs on the cuts and it practically put itself together.

*Lori includes cut lines on her files, but I usually hide those in Design Space, I just like the cleaner look of folding the lines myself with a scoring board*

Here’s how it turned out:





These will make their way to someone special soon!

You can purchase this SVG file directly from Lori Whitlock here.

*Just want to say, I’m in no way affiliated with her shop, I just love her cut files!*




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