Confetti Dies – Baby Card

Hello crafters!

Cricut recently released confetti dies. These are metal dies with teeny tiny patterns on them, and when die cut, create confetti. Click here to see them on

*I’m in no way affiliated with Cricut, nor did they provide me with these dies!*

I’m not a big party thrower, or confetti person, but I totally saw the shaker element potential with these dies. The small shapes are perfect for creating a fun look inside your shaker cards, or other projects.

For this project I used the ‘All Girl’ dies. One of the dies (out of 4) features little tiny bows. They’re so adorable! My 3 year old thought they were dog bones, so I guess if you punched them in white they can be bones as well!

All Girl confetti dies by Cricut Cuttlebug

Here’s how I used them:

Place your die in your Cuttlebug sandwich, I used the magnetic mat for a bit more stability.


Place your paper over the section of the die you wish to cut. There are 2 types of bows on this die, I chose to use the same one for both colours.

Some of the cuts will get stuck in the die, but their are holes in the back to push them through.

Either tap the die on the table or poke through the holes to release them. 

Repeat for the next colour. I chose pink, for a baby card. Repeat until you have enough bows for your shaker.

Pink & blue die cut confetti bows

I created a simple circle shaker using foam tape. You can find several great shaker tutorials on Pinterest. I inserted the bows into the circle shaker.


Some gender neutral paper and yellow twine, and I had myself a baby card!


Look out for more shaker projects using Cricut Cuttlebug Confetti Dies soon!

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