Cuttlebug Magnetic Mat Review

Hi everyone!

I recently purchased the 11×5 Cricut Cuttlebug magnetic mat after trying out the Sizzix version at a retreat recently.


This mat is to be used with the Cuttlebug machine. It holds metal dies down to the paper so they don’t move when die cutting.

My first impressions were good. I felt that the mat was a little on the thin side, but kept an open mind before I tried it out.

Cricut provides you with the recommended ‘sandwich’ on the packaging. It goes like this from the top down:


This sandwich worked well, it cut through the paper on the first try, with no movement of the metal dies. It was so much easier to use the magnetic mat than using tape to stick down the dies, especially when die cutting multiples.

Even when lifted, the magnetic mat holds the dies in place
Even when turned at a 90 degree angle, the dies are held in place

The only downside I found with this mat was that, while the dies were held down well with the magnetic mat, once you put the B plate on top, if it shifted even a bit your dies were likely to move. This isn’t a deal breaker for me, I just have to remind myself that once the B plate goes on top, to be really careful when lifting the sandwich over to the machine.

Clean cut dies, quickly and with minimal work!

All in all, this is a great product for those that do a lot of die cutting. The time saved by not having to tape down dies is great, as is the comfort knowing that once your sandwich is in the Cuttlebug, your dies won’t move.

I purchased my mat directly from Circut, it’s inexpensive and they were offering free shipping to Canada (yay!). You can click the link at the top to get one for yourself!

*These are my honest opinions, I am in no way affiliated with Cricut, nor did they provide me with this mat.*

Let me know your experiences with magnetic mats in the comments below!

Thanks for looking!





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