Newborn Layout

Hi everyone!

This layout brings me back about 8 1/2 years! I’ve documented my oldest daughter’s birth story here (not the gorey stuff!) and showcased the photos of the first moments after she was born. These memories and photos are so important to me, and will be to her when she’s older.


I did a rough machine stitch around the edge of the paper, just to create a thin border. I typed up the story, I wanted that to be one of the main focuses of the layout.

No title on this layout, just Samantha’s birthday!

At the time that the top photo was taken, I’m pretty sure my exact words were “Why the hell are you taking my picture right now!?”… but now, I’m so grateful that I have that photo of the moment right after Sammy was born.

Here are a few close up details of this layout:

The goal was to keep the embellishments minimal, and let the photos and journaling tell the story.

Did you scrapbook your story? How about those moment after photos?

Thanks for looking!



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