Doodlebug Boos & Brews SVG Frog with Shaker Eyes

Oh my goodness! When Doodlebug Designs announced yesterday that they were releasing svg files for their newest collections, I nearly hit the roof! I texted my husband at work to tell him….he was not as excited, since it meant I’d pretty much be invisible last night!

I held back just a bit though, and started out with just one. The frog. I agonized for a half hour about what one to buy first, then a great idea hit me!

The only thing that I thought could make that little frog any cuter was if he had movable eyes! I’ve been creating shaker cards for some time now, so I knew this would be a breeze.

Here’s a tutorial for how to make this frog cut complete with shaker eyes!

For this tutorial I’m assuming you already have purchased and uploaded the file into Cricut Design Space.

Start by opening up the image on a new, blank canvas.


Ungroup the image so you can separate all the different layers.


Choose the colours you want for each piece. As you’ll see noted above, do not cut the glasses in black as shown in the original image. This cut will be the eyeball of the frog. The rest of the frame is coming next.

Cut and assemble all pieces of the frog, except the glasses.


In Cricut Design space, clear all parts of the frog off of your canvas except for the glasses frame, and the small circle eyeballs.

Place the small circles inside of the glasses frame as shown below.


Click select all and attach. The easiest solution here would be to slice but for whatever reason, the program was not allowing me to slice. Attach worked just the same. Cut that out on black cardstock.

At this point you should have one full glasses cut (the white) and one Harry Potter looking glasses frame (in black).


Grab a piece of clear paper. I used transparency sheets but you can use acetate or any other transparent paper. Very carefully, trace the edge of the black glasses frame on to your clear paper. Cut the two circles the same size of the frame of the glasses. These are the lenses of your glasses.

You should have 2 separate circles the same size as the frame. *After I cut mine, I trimmed them ever so slightly so no plastic poked out from the side of the glasses*

These will act as your lenses and will keep your shaker from falling out. Adhere them to the glasses frame, one circle on each hole.

Place your glasses, front side down, and run a very thin strip of double sided foam tape along the inside rim of the glasses, as shown below.


Now is the time to insert your shaker element. I used black sequins but you could use buttons, rhinestones..any small black circle. Place the sequin (or whatever you choose) onto the lenses of the glasses.

Remove the backing off the foam tape and very carefully place the white glasses cut over top, pressing firmly to adhere.

You’ve basically created a little cubby for your sequins. Flip the glasses over and this is what you will have


After you shake ’em up a bit (we both know you will!), flip him back over and apply adhesive to the entire white backing of the glasses. Adhere the glasses to the frog base and you’re done!


Give him a shake!


I absolutely loved creating this little guy!

I’ll be working with the Doodlebug SVG files more in the future so be sure to subscribe to the blog and follow me on Facebook (link below) so you don’t miss out!

Thanks for looking!




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